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There are deadly house and business fires every winter in Queensland. It is ESSENTIAL that you get your Wood Heater Flues and Open Brick Fireplace CLEANED REGULARLY !
Uncleaned chimney and flue
Picture 1

Picture 1 shows the flue as it was, before I started work. 

Picture 2 shows the flue once I have competed my cleaning service. 

Picture 2
Chimney cleaning and flue cleaning. Learn more about us and our chimney sweep services.

At Sunshine Coast Chimney Cleaning I am a small chimney sweep business that specialises in cleaning wood heater flues and open fireplace chimneys to ensure your family and pets safety.

I strive to provide a great customer service that is great value for money.


  • Chimney Sweep and Chimney Flue Cleaning
  • Safety checks
  • Wood heater glass cleaning
  • Bird and Possum Proofing ​
  • Free Quotes
  • Free Advice and Information on Fireplace Installers and Maintenance.​

I also provide an URGENT Blocked Chimney or Flue After-Hours Service which includes removing possums and birds from the chimneys.

What Is A Chimney Sweep ?

A Chimney Sweep aids in the prevention of chimney fires and reduces the risk of dangerous fume emissions caused by blocked flues and chimneys.

In case you didn’t realise, burning wood releases a highly flammable material known has creosotes which, if allowed to build up inside the chimney flue, can lead to chimney fires. It can, and does happen!

I take great care in enclosing your fireplace and cover your flooring with drop sheets before I start the chimney sweep process. This keeps soot and grime from the flue contained, so it doesn’t spread throughout your home. My process means it is trapped within your fireplace to minimise mess and for easy collection.
I also vacuum around fireplace to ensure all soot is collected and your fireplace is left cleaner than I found it.
My chimney sweep services will ensure that your chimneys operate Safer, More efficiently & Cleaner.

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